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Braun Silk épil 9 Bonus edition – Wet&Dry with Face Epilator

Braun Silk-épil 9. Fastest and most precise epilation ever. With 40% wider head and MicroGrip tweezer technology with
free face epilator.

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Braun Silk épil SE9558 Bonus edition Wet Dry face epilator.

About the product:

Introducing the Braun Silk épil 9 – SE9-558. The new standard of epilation excellence with a wide epilation head for faster results and breakthrough MicroGrip tweezers technology.
With a 40% wider head, the new Silk épil 9 covers more area and removes more hair in one stroke for faster epilation.

MicroGrip Tweezer Technology, Featuring wider. Longer and deeper tweezers the Braun Silk épil 9 removes with precision even the shortest hairs that wax cannot catch (down to 0.5mm). As a result, you will not have to wait anymore for your body hair to grow long enough for waxing. Break free from those in-between days, break free from hassle.

Due To Extra Wide Head, Braun Silk-épil has a 40% wider head removing a lot more hair in one stroke for a faster epilation.
A new standard of epilation so you can enjoy long-lasting smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.

High-Frequency Massage, With pulsating active vibrations – for an extra gentle epilation. Pivoting Head, Smoothly adapts to body contours for superior comfort and efficiency.

Due to Braun Silk-épil Wet & Dry, Works in bath or shower for a more comfortable epilation. Smartlight & See Everything, The Smartlight reveals even the finest hairs and supports extra thorough hair removal.

Braun Silk-épil has Long-Lasting Battery, Charges in only 1 hour for 40 minutes of use. Use cordless in shower or bath. Even more it has 2 Speed Settings, Speed 1 for extra gentle epilation, Speed 2 for an extra efficient epilation.

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