Hoover Brush N Wash Carpet & Hard Floor Washer


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Hoover Brush N Wash Carpet & Hard Floor Washer DESCRIPTION:

This Hoover product is ideal for hard floors and carpets. This Hoover floor washer deep cleans the areas with its advanced technologies and high suction power. Nothing washes dirt better than water. Use the Hoover Brush-‘N’-Wash F5916 Carpet and Hardfloor Washer to harness the superior cleansing power of water and get thoroughly clean hard floors and carpets in an instant. The appliance scrubs, rinses, and dries the floors at a super fast rate with efficient results. It uses the detergent to soften the stubborn stains and leave your carpets and floors to smell fresh. This washer has a super compact design to give you a comfortable user experience.

Product Description:

This Hoover F5916 washer features Brush-N-Wash technology that removes hard embedded dirt not only from floors but carpets and rugs as well. With the devices’ hard floor kit, you have the necessary tools to clean different types of floor and areas with ease and efficiency. It also has a SpinScrub technology which uses high performance brushes for deep scrubbing of the fibers of a carpet for a consistent and totally clean. This tool also uses detergent to tackle that stubborn dirt and stains and leave a fresh smell behind. After the cleaning is done, the heated cleaning function blow dries the floors and carpets so you can step on them without slipping. This Hoover Brush N Wash tool incorporates a 1400W motor, which gives it the required power for high suction.


This Hoover floor washer features a TwinTank technology, which stores clean and dirty water separately. This makes it a more hygienic choice than cleaning with a mop and bucket. It has a clean water capacity of 4L and dirty water capacity of 3L.

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