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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner TCP1805 1800W

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner TCP1805.

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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner TCP1805.

Dust, animal hair, garbage … Do you need help? There is Hoover Capture TCP 1805!
Hoover Capture TCP 1805 is a compact and powerful vacuum cleaner that will surely ensure thorough cleaning of your living space. It is distinguished by excellent filtration with a micro filter and especially easy to use . The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner TCP1805 Capture TCP 1805 is equipped with a 360 ° C rotating tube, which will be extremely practical in achieving even the most hidden angles. The vacuum cleaner has a plastic bag attachment and a telescopic tube for easy handling. There is no shortage of usable 2-in-1 nozzle and soft start-up of the engine – soft start .
So let’s clean an effective vacuum cleaner with a super good Hoover Vacuum Cleaner TCP1805!

+  bags for H63 Pure HEPA vacuum cleaner

Technical details
Engine power: 1.800 W
Suction power: 290 W
Type of vacuum cleaner: electric
Boiler power: 0 W
Maximum pressure: 0 Bar
Setting the suction power: on the vacuum cleaner
Dust collector: bag
Bag: Paper H64 or Hepa H63
Suction: dry
Water Filtration: No
Water filtration with separator: no
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner TCP1805 Motor filter: Microfilter
Brush for upholstered furniture: yes
Parquet brush: yes
Additional attachments: yes
Slot adapter: yes
Display of the fullness of the dust bag: yes.