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Moulinex Blender LM221 BM with a Mini Grinder

Compact and easy to use blender with a mini grinder.

$42 $56


Moulinex Blender LM221 DESCRIPTION:

The Moulinex Blender LM221 Uno will prove to be any home maker’s helping hand while preparing food. This is your ticket to seeing less of the kitchen and more of your guests. If you love to cook but have a compact kitchen space, then this super compact blender should do the trick; it will give you more space to move around or add more appliances. Sporting a charming design and neat white finish, this Moulinex Blender LM221 won’t look out of place among your other appliances. TheMoulinex Blender LM221 ’s body is made using durable plastic. It also features an easy functionality with a push button pulse control that makes it extremely easy to operate.


This Moulinex Blender LM221 comes fitted with high quality removable stainless steel blades that ensure maximum mixing efficiency. This results in the perfect blend and best texture for your yogurt, fruits, and even ice cream. It features a power 350W motor that keeps going consistently. You can choose between various alternate blending speeds for blending tasks such as ice crushing, dip, soup, and drinks.