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Bathroom Scale Tefal Classic blue

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Description Scales Tefal PP 1133

Tefal PP 1133 floor scales will be an excellent choice for any modern person.
The device will provide you with the ability to quickly and accurately measure body weight.
Available units are kilograms, pounds and stones.
Screen display size of 70×38 mm.

Tefal Scales:

The working surface of the scales is made of durable glass, and has a stylish blue color.
You will be able to appreciate the high accuracy of the measurement provided by the model: it is equal to 100 g.
The maximum withstand load is 160 kg: the overwhelming majority of users will be able to use the scales.
Device uses a compact and widely distributed battery CR2032. Due to the presence of a battery indicator, you can replace the battery in time.
Auto power off function to helps save the battery life.
There is also a function for automatically switching the balance on. The overall dimensions of the model are 300 x 290 x 22 mm.