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Braun Satin Hair 5 ST550 With Curly Multistyler

Braun Satin Hair 5 multistyler. A straightener that can do curls.

$49 $68


Braun Satin Hair 5 ST550 Description:

The perfect gift for her.

The Braun Multistyler will allow your loved one to create professional salon style looks themselves. It makes the perfect gift for your sister, daughter or friend. The flexibility of creating sleek and straight styles or natural looking curls will banish bad hair days and allow her to change her look as often as she wants. This limited edition Satin Hair 5 gift set includes a styling kit made up of combs and clips to help with the creation of beautiful hair styles at home.


The Braun Satin Hair 5 ST550 Multistyler allows you to create a variety of hair styles – all with the one product. It is uniquely designed to make curling as easy as straightening. Parallel ribs on the edges align and guide the hair round in a perfect circle so you can achieve natural and defined curls easily. Built using 100% ceramic eloxal plates, the ST550 Multistyler glides through your hair with exceptional ease and smoothness. Virtually indestructible, the plates create healthy-looking styles and prevent heat damage and hair breakage.





It’s easy to create soft, perfect curls with the Braun Satin Hair 5 ST550 Multistyler. First, separate your hair into small sections.



Feed the Braun Satin Hair 5 ST550 multistyler into a section of hair and twist it 90 degrees. Loop the remaining length of hair over the top of the plates.


Slowly and gently pull the multistyler in a downwards motion. The curl shaping grips on the outside of the plates grip the hair and guide it into a curl. You don’t need to apply too much pressure to the plates, hold them loosely closed to create great bounce.


Once you have created the curl, move through the remaining sections of hair using the same technique. Use your fingers to brush through the hair to separate the curls for a more natural look.