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Car FM Mini Wireless Transmitter 3.5mm Audio

$10 $17

A. FM transmission function, mobile voice calls can be transmitted to car stereo system.
To achieve the car hands-free function, easy call while driving and make your journey safer.
B. All products with FM radio function can receive the high-fidelity audio from FM-185, so you can easily enjoy the happiness of audio. Such as PC/MP3/MP4/MP5/MID audio are available through FM-185 launch to a radio loudspeaker with FM function.
echnical parameters:
1.Product with compact shape, fashion and super thin design.Using PLL phase-locked loop technology and CD sound quality effect
2. By super big LCD screen and soft blue backlight, you can easily and clearly  see the FM information on LCD display.
3. Supporting full frequency transmission from 87.5~108MHz. FM frequency of 0.1MHz increasing adjustment will more easily for you to find the frequency channel you want.
4. Support frequency memory function, which allow you to return the previous frequency when next play. No need to re-adjustment the frequency each time you power on the system.
5. Low current By 5V USB Car charger, not only power supply to FM-185 but also can charge other portable audio/Video player. Easily portable Audio/Video player, play music and power charging at the same time.
6.Support models: All the media players with audio output (mobile phone/MP3/MP4/MID etc).