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Moulinex Sandwich & Waffle Maker Ultra Compact

$34 $40



Ultracompact allows you to cook delicious sandwiches and Panini. You can even use it to grill meat! Use this appliance to cook simple meals in an instant. Non-stick plates make it easy to clean for daily use. Latch system and indicator lights advise you when the pre-heating time is complete, making it extra safe so you can cook with full peace of mind. Its attractive colored metallic finish discretely blends into your kitchen and its ergonomic design make it easy to store.

  • Power : 700 W
  • Type Of Plates : Panini / Grill
  • Non stick coating : Yes
  • Colors : Silver
  • Ready-to-cook indicator
  • Preheating indicator
  • Locking latch
  • Lights indicator