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Moulinex Chopper Powerful A320R1 700 Watt

  • More Powerful Motor 700w.
  • 1-2-3 System.
  • Bowl Capacity 200g with NEW blade.
  • Bowl for making sauces, guacamole, pesto etc.



Moulinex Chopper Powerful A320R1 DESCRIPTION:

Easy to use, also Moulinex Chopper is efficient and powerful, due to the moulinette, it allows you to chop herbs, onions, meat, nuts and cheese in seconds.

  • Moulinex Chopper Power : 700 W
  • Number of blades : 1
  • Type of blades : stainless steel.
  • Bowl capacity : 200 g.
  • Bowl material : Plastic.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Colors : White.

Chops all types of food and is very easy to use, Moulinex chopper comes with an efficient and powerful 700 Watts motor that allows you to chop herbs, onions, meat, nuts, and cheese in seconds.

This Moulinex electric chopper has a Bowl that can easily be dismantled and clean, it is also dishwasher.
Safe for fast and smooth cutting of all kinds of ingredients: meat, onions, garlic, spices, nuts, cheese, and vegetables.

The Moulinex chopper features a stainless steel blade that doesn’t compromise when cutting and it always gives you the best results even after years. Removable blade feature that can be washed after every use, along with a detachable lid and spatula for pouring the preparations.

A world class leader, Moulinex sets the pace in the provision of top range home and kitchen solutions. One such kitchen appliance is the Moulinex Chopper Powerful A320R1.

This product can be utilized as a stand alone tool! This Moulinex product is made of durable materials and lasts longer even when used on a daily basis.

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